Saint John’s Program for Real Change, located in Sacramento, California, supports women in crisis and their children through a comprehensive 12-18 month residential program developed to help them build a successful new life for themselves and their families.

Since 1985, Saint John’s has given more than 30,000 formerly homeless women and children the essential tools to change the trajectory of their lives. But real change is never easy.

About the Program

Program residents commit to our long-term, all-encompassing program, covering every facet of their lives.

She must examine her life, past and future, and receive in-depth counseling and mental health services.

She must be dedicated to achieving and maintaining sobriety.

She must participate in employment training at one of our social enterprises to build work ethic and on-the-job skills.

All of this together sets them up for a successful new life and career once they exit our red doors.