Our board members and staff leaders bring unrivaled business acumen to the team at Saint John’s Program for Real Change. That’s because most of them have extensive experience running organizations in varying sectors of the economy. It’s an important asset that allows us to run efficiently and effectively – and always with the best interest of our clients in mind.

Meet Our Board Members

Saint John’s is governed by a 19-member Board of Directors. Get to know each of our board members, their backgrounds and the special connection they have with our mission.

Get to Know Our Leadership Team

Saint John’s employs 85 staff members, including 71 full-time employees, and operates 24 hours per day, across three shifts, 365 days per year. Our leadership team keeps everything running smoothly, driven by a deep-seated desire to serve our clients and community with dignity and compassion.

Join Us

Want to be a part of the Saint John’s team? There is always room for those interested in making an impact in the lives of the clients we serve. We have career and internship positions, as well as volunteer opportunities, that may interest you.