Affordable Housing Program

We offer assistance in three key areas:

  • Rental Assistance: We provide up to 3 months of rental assistance, decreasing incrementally each month (1st month 60%, 2nd month 40%, 3rd month 20%).
  • Security Deposit Assistance: We can provide a one-time security deposit assistance of up to $1500.00.
  • Mortgage Assistance: We offer a one-time mortgage assistance of up to $1500.00.

Are You Eligible?

Our program is designed to support those who are in temporary financial need and meet the following criteria:

  • Have been a resident of Sacramento for a minimum of six months.
  • Can pay a portion of the security deposit.
  • Have a realistic plan to remain in current housing.
  • Fall under HUD low-income guidelines (not applicable for mortgage assistance).
  • Can show proof of total household income.
  • A rental or lease agreement must be provided.
  • The property owner agrees to return all security deposits upon lease agreement termination.
  • The property owner agrees to complete a W-9 Federal Tax form.
  • Have not used HCA funds before or within the last two years.
  • Can provide all required documents.

Priority Circumstances

We give priority to applicants who are:

  • Without permanent housing.
  • Facing imminent eviction/foreclosure.
  • Fleeing an abusive relationship.
  • In need of housing to reunify with children.
  • A senior or person living with a disability.

Ready to Apply?

If you believe you meet the criteria, we encourage you to apply. Reach out to us to learn more and see if you qualify:

Please note: Inability to provide appropriate documentation, falsifying documentation, or not complying with program guidelines may result in a reduction of funding or denial.

We’re here to help you make a real change. Don’t let a temporary crisis compromise your housing. Apply today and let us help you secure a stable home for you and your family.