Alumnae Almighty

AlumnaeBoard(NatishaMissing)2There is perhaps nothing more comforting than baring your soul to someone that has truly been where you have been, seen what you have seen, lived what you have lived, endured what you have endured. This is precisely why the Saint John’s Alumnae Association is so important to our program. Now led by President Lucy G., a 2017 graduate of Saint John’s Program, the Association’s board is made up of six former clients, all of whom have gone on to become self-assured, self-sustaining, self-motivated, contributing members of our community. Their mission is to remain “committed to keeping our roots, and anchored by staying connected and giving back, using inspiration and encouragement as our message.”

Movie Night 2

Movie Night 2

To kick off the year, the Association hosted a movie night at Saint John’s in January, with snacks, cookies and juice provided by Grocery Outlet. While the PJ-clad kids enjoyed the movie “Small Foot,” the moms were led in prayer by our “Alumnae Almighty,” followed by a movie of their own.

“We’re looking at adding a special movie night for teens soon,” comments Lucy. “I don’t think any of us knew quite how rewarding this experience was going to be. It’s been amazing! We’re having so much fun, and it’s so fulfilling to give back in this way.”

If you’re interested in hosting a movie night here at Saint John’s, please contact us at

By Sue Cawdrey
Grants & Communications Manager
Saint John’s Program for Real Change

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