Back to School – The Importance of Learning

While working toward high school completion, women learn to persevere through difficult tasks, learn critical thinking skills and learn how to support their fellow classmates.

Your investment helps break the cycle of poverty through high school completion, job readiness, increased self-knowledge, early childhood education readiness, tutoring and socio-emotional supports for our growing number of children.

$50 ensures women and children have nutritious food to maximize learning

$100 supports one woman as she progresses through weekly Saint John’s classes

$150 provides one week of school supplies for all 20 – 30 women enrolled in high school completion coursework

$300 provides one week on-the-job employment education at Plates

$500 provides one month of childcare services while Mom is at Plates or attending classes

Priceless. High School Diploma. Conflict Resolution Coursework. On-the-job training. Self-confidence. Break the cycle of Poverty.

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