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Thank you for your support of women and children who are achieving great change! Your investment helps break the cycle of poverty through high school completion, job readiness, increased self-knowledge, early childhood education readiness, tutoring and socio-emotional supports for our growing number of children.

Saint John’s is committed to learning – for women and for children. On average, at least 20 of adult residents are working to complete their high school education and during the 12- to 18-month program, women complete 675 hours of experiential and classroom learning.

When children enter Saint John’s, we work with the school district and the Homeless Liaison to ensure continuity of their education. Children also have access to tutoring support.

Recent Posts

  • Darlene's Story: Confronting toxic norms and working hard for the life you deserve

    Struggling as a single mom for 12 years, Darlene found herself in a place where she desperately needed help. She’d fallen behind in her rent and was facing eviction with nowhere to go. She worked two jobs just to stay in a motel, but that too was more than she could manage on her own.... Read More
  • Daria's Story: Taking time to appreciate the present

    Daria’s struggle with homelessness began when she was 16. She spent years couch-surfing or living in her car with hit or miss jobs that helped her survive. Her real ongoing struggle though, was with substance abuse and domestic violence. She even made a geographic move to Oregon, hoping the change might make things better. When... Read More



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