our homeless POPULATION in Sacramento has increased by 19% in two years, with the current estimate at 5,570 living on the streets

1,905 more than in 2017. This is horrifying — especially when you realize that this head count doesn’t even include many of the women who come to Saint John’s, women who have been sleeping in their cars with their children, on a friend’s couch or using vouchers to stay in a motel.

Your support via our Building for the Future Project is critical to our ability to continue to deliver these services to these women and children, each and every day.

There is no better way to fully comprehend the work we do here at Saint John’s without seeing firsthand the stories of real change we witness daily. Please take a few minutes to view this short video to find out more about Saint John’s.
We currently have the capacity to serve up to 270 women and children per day, up from 180 just two years ago, but that’s still not enough to meet the need, as we continue to maintain a wait list of 250+ women and children per day.  To that end, we are working on fundraising toward the completion of Phase 1 of our Building for the Future Project. We’ve raised $3M of a $4M project and have $1M left to raise by the end of 2019 . 

Naming a bedroom, office, bench or brick offers a great tribute to an individual, family or corporation.

Connect their name with the meaningful work that will be conducted at Saint John’s Program for Real Change. The following are examples of naming opportunities still available. For more specifics on each opportunity, call Sasha Wirth or Bethany Knudsen at 916-453-1482.

by purchasing a custom engraved brick to be featured on our walking path 

With your help,
we can build a better future!

Giving Opportunities. All gifts to Saint John’s Program for Real Change (Tax ID: 68-0132934) are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Please give your most careful consideration to the following giving opportunities. By giving generously today, you will help secure the future of programs that hold the promise of an end to homelessness. Thank you!

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