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There is no better way to fully comprehend the work we do here at Saint John’s without seeing firsthand the stories of real change we witness daily. Please take a few minutes to view the short videos below. These videos were created as an in-kind donation from Misfit and KVIE.

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  • Saint John’s Children Everything at Saint John’s is built around the families we serve. We pay special attention to all the children who pass through our doors, realizing that their health and mental well-being is one of the most important key’s to ending poverty in generations to come. Video produced and donated by Misfit Agency, footage provided by KVIE.
  • Help Us Bridge the Gap Campaign In September of 2017, Sacramento County ended a 15-year partnership with Saint John’s Program for Real Change that supported services for homeless women and children in Sacramento. This is a significant portion of the funds we need to continue our work

  • Saint John’s Building for the Future Exploring the continual and necessary growth seen at Saint John’s over the last year and for years to come.
    • Saint John’s Amazing Grace A short video exploring the power of reunification for families at Saint John’s. Vocals Artfully done by Memes Portillo Video graciously donated by Comcast in collaboration with Misfit Agency.

  • Red Door music video If you haven’t heard it yet, please show your support and download the song performed by our very own women and children at Saint John’s called “The Red Door”! All proceeds from the song go directly back into our programs to help support the woman and children at Saint John’s who are turning their lives around. The song can be downloaded on iTunes for $1.29, and you can see our video version of the song, courtesy of Misfit and Bank of America, online! iTunes download: CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
      • Saint John’s Spring 2016 Explore our program and philosophy through this video produced and donated by Misfit Agency, footage provided by KVIE.

      • Sheri’s Story Listen to Sheri talk about the struggles that led her to Saint John’s and how her life has dramatically changed over the last year. Right after this video was produced, a brand new car was donated to Sheri, thanks to Bayside Church, Thrivent, The Roseville Auto Mall, and Thrive Conference. Thanks to Misfit Agency for filming, producing, and donating this video.

      • Saint John’s in 30 seconds If you only have 30 seconds to spare, this video will give you a quick idea of what we do at Saint John’s. This video was created by Misfit Agency and supported by Comcast through in-kind donation

      • Saint John’s Radio Interview Listen to Michele Steeb, Saint John’s CEO, give an interview for the radio show “Community Issues.” She talks about our history, goals and the changes that have happened here at Saint John’s Program over the last several years.

      • 30,000 Lives in 30 years Explore the history of Saint John’s Program through the stories of the mothers, children, and supporters who have participated and made Saint John’s what it is today.Thanks to Misfit Agency for filming, producing, and donating this video.
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