Ways to Give

How do you show love? At Saint John’s we show love by opening our doors to women and children in crisis. Cyrinana lived at Saint John’s, she moved away and later she and her children returned to the open doors and open hearts of Saint John’s. When Cyrinana first arrived at Saint John’s with her children, she was desperate for a safe place for her and her children. Cyrinana described the joy she felt when her children woke up in a safe place, made their beds and dressed in clean clothes.

Sometimes, women come to the program, leave and return. Saint John’s doors are always open. When Cyrinana left, she was stuck in a poverty cycle of work and unemployment and no place to call home. In the middle of the chaos, she remembered the structure of Saint John’s and she and her children returned to the Red Doors.

An investment of $200 is 24 hours of safe housing, food, water, case management, and childcare and therapy groups for one family. Every mother and every child has a right to a safe, warm bed, clean clothing and nourishing food.

Today, give a gift of love. For Cyrinana love is the joy she feels dressing her children in clean clothing, having her children sleep in warm beds and feeding her children nourishing food.

Nurture Safe and Loving Families

As you reflect on the love you receive in your life, we invite you to give the powerful gift of life-changing support and community to the homeless women and children who call Saint John’s Program for Real change their home.

You can give the gift of hope and community for women and children. It is, by far, the most significant gift they will receive this year.

Donate Money

Support a mother’s journey to self-sustainability with a monetary donation online.

More than 550 women and their children are homeless on any given night in Sacramento County. Saint John’s removes women and their children from the generational cycle of poverty, taking them off the taxpayer dole completely and permanently.

But that journey from dependence to independence costs around $37,000. When you give money, goods or other assets, you’re contributing to the success of over 400 women and children working their way through our program toward Real Change each year.

Stock Donations

If you’re looking to write off any gains, Saint John’s happily accepts donations of appreciated stocks to help fuel the comprehensive wrap-around services we provide. Complete our stock form to make a gift.

Please reach out to the Development team at info@saintjohnsprogram.org if you have additional questions about stock donations.

Saint John’s Program for Real Change is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our Tax ID # is 68-0132934.