Employment Training

When it comes to preparing for employment, nothing beats on-the-job experience. Women in our program can gain up to 500 hours of on-the-job employment training through our social enterprises. They’ll learn responsibility, accountability, work ethic and teamwork while preparing for gainful employment.

On-the-Job Employment Training

Our extensive employment training is facilitated through our two Saint John’s businesses — Plates Catering and Red Door Desserts. Women not only learn hands-on employment training skills in customer service, order management, supply chain elements, packaging and shipping, and a good work ethic, but also soft skills like how to show up to work on time, how to talk/work with co-workers and a supervisor, and how to look someone in the eye and communicate directly. These are all important steps in building confidence and accountability.

In order to graduate from our employment training program, each woman completes at least 400 training hours at one of our businesses.

Job Readiness

After completing training, program participants move onto our Job Readiness course, involving one-on-one counseling with one of our career experts. Women learn to write a resume, conduct themselves in a job interview, and develop the confidence of being whole again and ready for a new life of sustainability. 

After completing both pieces of our employment training, our graduates are ready for a job, with improved work ethic, a positive attitude toward work and reduced logistical barriers to employment. And after months of hard work, Saint John’s is happy to be able to provide a positive reference needed to secure a job.