Donate Goods

We happily accept donated goods to provide our women and children with what they need to succeed, from kitchen essentials to interview outfits to board games.

Casual Clothing for every day life

  • Sept-Feb (Winter wear only)
  • Mar- Aug (Summer wear only)
  • Must be less than 5 years old.
  • NO
    • Rips
    • Stains
    • Excessive stretching
    • Excessive pilling
    • Excessive wash/wear

Children’s Items

  • Kids Toys
    • Must be clean
    • Must be larger than the palm of the hand (unless approved)
    • Cannot be soft fabric (stuffed animals, fabric toys)
  • Hygiene
    • Baby Soap
    • Baby Lotion
    • Diaper Cream
    • Unopened boxes of diapers
    • Unopened packages of baby wipes
  • Kids/Baby Gear
    • NO baby gear except:
      • Formula (not expired)
      • Unopened diapers
      • pack n plays/playyards
      • large activity centers (not on bouncer or moveable)
    • Email before bringing.

Saint John’s Square

  • Dishware in sets of 4
  • Silverware in sets of 4 (forks, spoons, butter knives)
  • Small, CLEAN, working appliances
    • Toaster, microwave, toaster oven, coffee pot, crock pot, rice cooker
  • Furniture must be approved through email after a picture is sent:
  • Bikes

Donation Center

Our Donation Center is closing temporarily.

Due to an abundance of incoming donations, we no longer have the capacity to accept your donations. Please check back for more information on re-opening at a future date. Thank you to all who have given so generously!

Donate a Vehicle

Donating your vehicle to Saint John’s Program For Real Change will make a world of difference for the women and their children we serve. Whether the vehicle goes straight to a family we serve, providing them much needed transportation, or is sold to provide us the critical funds we need to power our programs, your generosity directly changes lives.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Vehicles for Charity, which allows us to accept used cars and trucks. With Vehicles for Charity, donating your vehicle is easy, and you will receive a tax-deductible letter within a month of your contribution. For any questions or concerns regarding your letter, please let us know.

To donate a vehicle, complete a simple online form or call 1-866-628-2277. Vehicles for Charity will pick up your vehicle and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt, all at no charge to you.