At Saint John’s Program for Real Change, we support women in crisis as they take steps toward a better life not only for themselves but for their children.

You can be a hero to these women and their children — providing them with strength, support and stability. Your generous gift to Saint John’s will restore hope and rebuild lives.

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$25 provides educational tools and craft supplies for children in need.

$50 provides a warm blanket, pillow, and sheets for one woman or child.

$100 provides shelter for a mother and her child for 24 hours.

$200 provides 108 nutritious meals.

$300 provides a mother and her child with full support for 24 hours, including housing, drug and alcohol counseling, mental health therapy, parenting education, and childcare.

$500 provides two weeks of nurturing daily childcare for a child in need.

$1000 provides hands-on employment training for one woman for one month.

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