Our dedicated staff members keep Saint John’s up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to support our clients as they rebuild their lives and take control of their futures.

It takes a village. And the staff at Saint John’s works hard to provide families with what they need to be successful once they leave our red doors. We’re case managers, therapists, child care teachers, client service coordinators, job placement specialists, high school teachers, vocational trainers, and more.

Our entire staff receives training to ensure gender-specific, trauma-aware, informed, and responsive care to our clients.

Department Leaders

  • Julie Hirota, Chief Executive Officer
  • Andrea L. Richardson, Senior Director of Development and External Relations
  • Pam Horan, Chief Financial Officer
  • Jenny Boseman, Chief Workforce and Employment Officer
  • Quinta Davenport, Chief Program Officer, Client Success
  • Erica Soria, Program Director, CCTRP