The impact of your support is evident in every single woman and child at Saint John’s. In order to maintain transparency and continue to earn your trust and support, Saint John’s Program for Real Change is proud to share details on our impact, financials and policies.

The Impact

We’re humbled by what we were able to accomplish together in 2022:

404 women and children served

51,100 nights of housing

153,000 nutritious meals

36 mothers reunited with their children

See the difference we made together in the community and in the lives of the families that we serve. Download and view our 2022 Impact Report, and check out additional details on our Impact page.

Learn about the growing problem of homelessness across California and recommended approaches to address the growing issue in this 2018 report by the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) Joint Homelessness Task Force.


We take great care to spend your generous gifts wisely. 79% of donated funds support program expenses, and the remaining 21% supports management and fundraising costs. Our operating budget is made up of government funding (70.53%) and community giving (29.47%).

Chart displaying the budget for Saint John's

The average cost per client at Saint John’s is $15,000, including all room, board, counseling, education and childcare costs.

Recent Financial Statements and Tax Documents

HMIS Consumer Notice

Our Policies

Our policies outline our commitment to following best practices and ensuring confidentiality to the best of our ability.