Mental Health Services

Saint John’s Program for Real Change provides mental health services, including individual and family counseling and case management services, to every woman who walks through our red doors.

Without mental stability, holding down a job and supporting a family just isn’t possible. More than half of homeless mothers experience mental health challenges, such as depression, anxiety and substance use disorders. And the trauma and pain that women and their children face as a result of it can last a lifetime if not addressed.

Addressing Mental Health Challenges

For many of the women that we work with at Saint John’s, this is the first time that they are able to focus on their mental health and address the barriers to stability in their lives.

Our licensed psychologists and clinical staff help women in crisis and their children so they can cast off the heavy toll of mental health issues and make giant strides towards self-sufficiency.

Individual, group, and family therapy for women and their children

Crisis intervention

Substance use rehabilitation

Mental Health Services Through Our Program

Each family is partnered with a Case Manager to guide them through each step of the way when they enter our program. Mental health care, like all of our supportive services, is unique to each woman and family, depending on their needs.

Through initial assessments, we work with our families to determine the appropriate mental health services and the best pathway to address the challenges they’re facing.

  • Barriers to their physical and mental health
  • Domestic violence experience
  • Educational and vocational assessments
  • Ability to achieve permanent housing
  • Alcohol and Drug counselors assess the level of recovery and services to ensure success in sobriety
  • Any other supportive services they may need

Together, we design a path to Real Change. Mindful of your current state and past experiences and with your best interests at heart, we work toward the ultimate goal of achieving independence and a permanent home.

And the mental health support does not end when you graduate from our program. Through our alumni program, women are able to access their therapist for up to three years after leaving Saint John’s Program.

Short-Term Crisis Intervention

Outside of our comprehensive 12-18 month program, Saint John’s can provide women in immediate crisis with short-term mental health and supportive services for up to seven days. During this time, you’ll receive a comprehensive evaluation, services and referrals to stabilize your current crisis and promote recovery.

  • Safe and holistic environment
  • Private respite housing for up to seven days
  • Case management and advocacy services
  • Peer counseling and support
  • Alcohol and other drug counseling
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Resources and referrals