Let’s Come Together.

There’s always something big cooking at Saint John’s. And more often than not, it involves good people, good food, and good work. So join us. Your support will make a powerful difference in someone’s life.

Guest Chef

Support the employment training of our mothers by enjoying an exceptional fine dining experience. Renowned chefs come to Plates Café and serve up gourmet dishes, all in benefit of the mothers at Saint John’s. Click here for more information on the next few dinners.


With help from Sacramento area businesses, donors, local philanthropic organizations and volunteers, we hosted a night that was truly a celebration! Our success stories are tied directly to your support of our program – delivering care, hope, and change to over 30,000 people over the past 31 years wouldn’t have been possible without YOU.
Together at Party for Change we raised over $520,000 to help support the women and children at Saint John’s Program.

To view last year’s event details visit www.saintjohnsprogram.org/partyforchange


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email us at:
2443 Fair Oaks Blvd, #369
Sacramento, CA 95825-7684
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Nonprofit, 501(c)(3)
(Tax ID: 68-0132934).

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