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Patricia’s Journey

Patricia’s journey to taking charge of her own life began when she made the decision to escape an abusive relationship that had held her captive for 4 years. Leaving Sacramento, her hometown, she found refuge in Missouri living with her dad. However, the emotional toll of the abuse followed her and not being able to hold onto a job, she began drinking to numb the feelings that sought to overtake…

A Different Kind of Change

When asked what life was like before coming to Saint John’s, Brittany doesn’t hesitate to say, “I was addicted and co-dependent in New York City.” She grew up in Sacramento and received a scholarship to the New York School of Film and Television, with her heart set on acting. After graduating, she needed a job to pay for her lifestyle, one with the flexibility to accommodate auditions. Her job in…

Deep Water

Tracy is no stranger to deep waters. She spent a happy childhood with her family on the Jersey Shore and moved to the Bay Area at 13. She traveled with them “across the pond” to venture through Europe at 18. She even went scuba diving with them in Mexico. And while those waters hold sweet family memories of love and stability and adventure, when Tracy went off to college, she…

Poverty and Childhood

This month’s blog is written by the son of one of our staff members, Jessica. Jessica and her son Dwayne were residents at Saint John’s when Dwayne was just a young boy. Today, Jessica is employed at Saint John’s full-time as a Client Services Coordinator and Dwayne is a student at Sierra College. As I’m sure you’ll see in the blog, Dwayne captures the struggles that he and his mom…

Creating a New Kind of Home

When I first met Vanessa in 2019, what struck me most was her quiet confidence. She appeared calm when focusing on her five children (ages 2-9), composed when encountering customers at Plates Café, and projected an overall sense of being in total control. Little did I know the true story behind Vanessa’s kind eyes. When asked what life was like before coming to Saint John’s, Vanessa replies with one word, “Chaotic.”  While chaos…


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