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Round and round and round we go. So many of our clients at Saint John’s, women who are trapped in a vicious cycle of addiction, abuse and poverty, women who were raised in families wrought with domestic violence, crime, substance abuse, mental illness and dysfunction, are desperate for a way out. Breaking this cycle is no small feat, one that may be insurmountable for many, but at Saint John’s, women…

The Sound of Optimism

It is odd to “interview” someone via phone, though, during this shelter-in-place time, it seems to be the way we have to do things. In talking with Virginia C., the optimism and hope were palpable in her voice! She was so proud of herself and hopeful for the future, and I could sense her happiness immediately.  Diagnosed with Hepatitis C, Virginia was seriously ill and unable to work effectively at…

A Safe Place

We are in the midst of an historic time, a time of a pandemic that has required extraordinary sacrifice from every American. COVID-19 has strained our health system and our economy, and has forced us indoors to “shelter in place.” For Alyse R., this shelter in place is a better alternative than living on the streets with her eight-year-old son, JT. Diagnosed with autism at a young age, JT is…

A Double Rainbow in the Storm

Looking for some good news during this Covid-19 pandemic and shutdown? Look no further than to Saint John’s Program for Real Change and two young former residents of the program… Athena and Dwayne – both now high school seniors – both heading on to great things after living at Saint John’s with their moms, former clients in our program. Athena is a senior at Grant High School, and after being…

Tenacity and Triumph

Kelli is the type of person everyone is happy to see. She has a grace and ease about her and she works hard to have a positive outlook on life. Just a few short years ago, this was not the case, as she arrived at Saint John’s having endured 30 years of addiction and abuse. In the fall of 2018, Kelli graduated from Saint John’s Employment Training Program after an…


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