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Ariel’s Awakening

We are so proud and honored to have been contacted by our state’s First Partner Jennifer Newsom, who invited Saint John’s client Ariel B. to serve as her personal guest to attend the Governor’s State of the State Address at our state capitol on February 19. Ms. Newsom remembered Ariel by name after having toured Saint John’s in the fall, and was incredibly moved by her story, her determination and…

Sabrina’s Voice

It’s not often that one meets a classically-trained opera singer, much less one who is a resident at Saint John’s Program for Real Change. Meet Sabrina — here since November after years of living in an abusive relationship and spiraling into depression and alcohol abuse. Sabrina earned a BA and MA in Classical Voice and sang and toured the world with the San Francisco State Chamber Choir for years. How,…

Kinetic KIZZIE

Some people just radiate energy and optimism; that’s the case with Kizzie. She made me smile––and even laugh with her––from the moment I met her. Whether she realizes it or not, that personality is a key part of her whole story. Energy may not always be a good thing; it needs to be directed positively, and for much of Kizzie’s life, it surely wasn’t. An angry young person prone to…

No Looking Back

“If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes” —Shellee H.’s mantra Shellee H. started using drugs at 18 when her brother died. She’s been to prison three times and to the county jail 25 times. She’s spent time on the streets and lost custody of her son. But make no mistake — she feels blessed today because of Saint John’s Program for Real Change. Dates and details are very important to Shellee:   – 5/17/2019…

Behind a Pretty Face

Heart wrenching to see, and maybe even harder to understand are the depths to which one can fall with addiction. But witnessing one rise out of that chasm and go on to live a full life is an inspiration and a blessing. Katrina is a case study for us all. Raised in a loving family, Katrina was a hard-working young girl who does not fit the profile we might imagine…


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