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Behind a Pretty Face

Heart wrenching to see, and maybe even harder to understand are the depths to which one can fall with addiction. But witnessing one rise out of that chasm and go on to live a full life is an inspiration and a blessing. Katrina is a case study for us all. Raised in a loving family, Katrina was a hard-working young girl who does not fit the profile we might imagine…

Standing On Her Own

Trapped in a marriage with an overbearing, controlling husband, Sarah ultimately turned to alcohol and opioids to cope. While the abuse never became physical, Sarah’s husband would not allow her to work, nor have friendships with anyone “on the outside,” and led her to believe that she could not survive without him and his financial support. After 10 years together and three years of marriage, she gathered up the courage…

Sweet Dreams Come True

At the age of 27, Whitnee M. was a single mother of two living in an abusive relationship. With her children safely staying with their father, Whitnee unfortunately followed her then boyfriend down a dark path of drug addiction and homelessness. It wasn’t until two years later as she sat staring at her children’s school pictures that she realized that something needed to change. “They had grown so much without…

From Ghost to Glory

“I had no voice as a child, and I thought the world was just a dark place.” Imagine feeling like that as a little one … no one really caring, no one paying any attention, feeling “invisible.” No father in the home, a mother battling depression, no teacher acknowledgement, and seemingly no reason to work for anything because no one would care anyway. You are a ghost in the world….

Soaring to New Heights

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life . . . The process is its own reward.” -Amelia Earhart  “Yes! Like Amelia Earhart,” she said, as she introduced herself with a smile.  Amelia S. is an intelligent woman with a kind smile…


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