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Dr. Mark – A gift to Saint John’s

“What Are We Painting Today?….Us!” What is it that keeps someone coming back to Saint John’s as a volunteer for over 11 years? It’s a few things, but most importantly, it’s the heart of the person. One such volunteer is Dr. Mark Johnson, a retired physician with an amazing talent for using his heart and art to reach and touch the souls of the ladies who live here. How does…

Saint John’s Teen Circle

Saint John’s Teen Circle: Making a Difference, One New Friend at a Time By: Eden Collier   When eleven students from St. Francis High School decided to band together to make a difference, we didn’t realize how much the experience would change us. We launched Saint John’s Teen Circle two years ago to support Saint John’s Program for Real Change by volunteering at the center and organizing fundraisers and supply…

Zenn for Good

It truly takes a village to do what we do here at Saint John’s Program for Real Change.  Behind the red doors at Saint John’s is an exceptional group of community supporters, donors, volunteers, and staff united in an effort to reduce homelessness in our community. These incredible partners support women who refuse to settle for the status of homelessness and take steps toward a better life not only for…

Patricia’s Journey

Patricia’s journey to taking charge of her own life began when she made the decision to escape an abusive relationship that had held her captive for 4 years. Leaving Sacramento, her hometown, she found refuge in Missouri living with her dad. However, the emotional toll of the abuse followed her and not being able to hold onto a job, she began drinking to numb the feelings that sought to overtake…

A Different Kind of Change

When asked what life was like before coming to Saint John’s, Brittany doesn’t hesitate to say, “I was addicted and co-dependent in New York City.” She grew up in Sacramento and received a scholarship to the New York School of Film and Television, with her heart set on acting. After graduating, she needed a job to pay for her lifestyle, one with the flexibility to accommodate auditions. Her job in…


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