Cynthia B.

Cynthia’s spiral into 28 years of addiction began at the age of 12. She bounced from one abusive relationship to another until a former boyfriend posed a serious threat to her relationship with her son. She was finished with putting her family’s life in danger, and Saint John’s was the perfect to start her life over. Cynthia worked hard to rebuild herself and mend her relationships. She took full advantage of therapy, life-skills classes, alcohol and drug counseling, and the employment-training at Plates Café. Today, she is sober, employed at the Dante Club, and living happily with the trust of her children regained.

Sylvia G.

For years, Sylvia was tormented, belittled, and humiliated daily by her boyfriend. And when she lost her job, the abuse only escalated. He took her car and kicked her out of the house. That’s when Sylvia came to Saint John’s. She was welcomed and loved in a way that was completely new to her. And she began to build a sense of independence that she’d always craved. Sylvia successfully graduated from Saint John’s, and is now employed as a sales advisor for CDS at Costco. She has a healthy relationship with her children, and no longer has to take abuse from anyone.

Monica M.

Years in prison and 21 years of addiction had set Monica up for a life of failure. With her special-needs child, she was hopping from couch to couch, unable to take a moment to breathe and get her life together. But after a client tried to take advantage of her at a live-in care job, she decided she had to end the cycle. At Saint John’s, she found an environment that was safe and stable, and her son got the best of care. Monica has made enormous strides, and is now a motivational speaker and volunteer, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy.

Angel Y.

After breaking the news of her pregnancy to her family, Angel was kicked out of her home. With nowhere else to go, she turned to Saint John’s. Angel dove into job readiness and life skills classes, and found a passion for customer service at Plates Café. After graduation, she began working at a café in Downtown Sacramento while studying to become a nurse. Angel began her journey destitute, alone, and afraid. Now, she’s happier and more assertive than she’s ever been.

Marva M.

For 17 years, Marva was trapped in the deadly throes of cocaine addiction, until she dragged herself to Saint John’s. At Plates Café and Catering, she discovered a passion for working with people, and it led to her employment with Maloof Sports and Entertainment, Mulvaney’s Building & Loan, and Levy Restaurants. She now lives independently with her family, works full-time at Saint John’s, and plans to return to school to study to become a substance abuse counselor. Suffice it to say – that’s more than cocaine ever did for her.

Moraima I.

In her home country of Columbia, Moraima was coerced into a marriage with an American man at the age of 19. She came to the U.S. with him, where he manipulated her and stripped her of her diginity. But against all odds, she found the strength to take her two children and escape to Saint John’s. She learned the importance of her own happiness and well-being. Now, Moraima lives a life free of fear and dread, and works as an instructional assistant at an elementary school.

Mary S.

For long 25 years, Mary was trapped in an extremely abusive relationship. In order to avoid her husband’s rage, she was seldom seen and seldom heard. Most in her situation would accept defeat, but Mary didn’t. She came to Saint John’s, where she was ready to work hard and make the most of classes, counseling, and training. And her efforts have taken her further than she possibly could have imagined. She now has a sense of well being that no one can take from her. She has something she never could have achieved while impeded by her husband – complete control of her life.

Angelique F.

From the age of 18, Angelique spent her life jobless, living from couch to couch, motel to motel. And when she became pregnant, she knew this was not the life she wanted for her child. Something had to change. She had to change. Angelique entered Saint John’s with an open heart, and it certainly paid off in spades. The classes and job experience lead to independence, and full-time employment with Whitman Enterprises as an Account Representative. Today, she has a life far removed from the one she spent living on the couches of others.


Frankie never had to overcome abuse, drugs, alcohol, disability, or illness like many women at Saint John’s. But after 17 years as a nursing assistant, she was laid off and no longer able to pay the bills and rent. Frankie was in dire financial straits, so she and her sons came to Saint John’s. Through finance and budget classes, she regained hope and faith in herself. Today, Frankie is a Client Services Coordinator at Saint John’s, helping other mothers gain the strength to make tremendous changes in their lives, just as she did in her own.