Introducing Randy! Licensed Contractor extraordinaire and outstanding role model

Introducing Randy, our fantastic new addition at Saint John’s! Not only is he a stellar facilities and maintenance licensed contractor, but he’s also an incredible human being with a big heart. Today, Randy stepped up for the boys and instead of feeling left out, Mark and Jamar got the chance to work alongside Randy at Saint John’s. With Randy’s guidance, both Mark and Jamar had a memorable day doing concrete work and, more importantly, learning from a “super male” role model.

Saint John’s is always in search of inspiring male figures for our kids, and Randy is a shining example! Here’s a big shoutout to Randy for not only keeping our facilities tip-top but also for fostering community spirit and being a role model to Mark, Jamar, and many more. And yes, under Super Randy’s supervision, everyone got their well-deserved 10-minute break!

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