The Kelly Foundation Grants $100,000 to Saint John’s Program for Real Change, Championing the Fight Against Generational Trauma and Poverty

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Saint John’s Program for Real Change received a remarkable $100,000 donation from The Kelly Foundation on Friday, September 22, during a celebration marking the 50th anniversary of River City Bank. This generous contribution will bolster initiatives aimed at strengthening family support systems and breaking the cycles of generational trauma and poverty within the community.

Shawn Kelly Devlin, Chairman of the Board of the Kelly Foundation and River City Bank, expressed their support, stating, “The Kelly Foundation is delighted to provide a special $100,000 grant to Saint John’s Program for Real Change, enabling them to continue their mission of breaking the poverty cycle while fostering independence for women and children, one family at a time.”

“This gift from the Kelly Foundation is truly extraordinary. As I sat among fellow recipients of this generous gesture, our hearts overflowed with genuine appreciation for being included in the remarkable celebration of River City Bank’s 50th anniversary. The Foundation’s considerate leadership, in upholding the Kelly family’s legacy, exemplifies an unwavering dedication to our community—a commitment that Saint John’s Program for Real Change is honored to share in,” Julie Hirota, Chief Executive Officer of Saint John’s Program for Real Change said. “This $100,000 additional funding will support our children and family services Phase 2 investment and development. Typically, 70% of the Saint John’s Program for Real Change population consists of single mothers with families.”

Saint John’s Program for Real Change has been a beacon of hope in the Sacramento region since its inception in 1985. The non-profit organization operates the largest residential program designed specifically for homeless women and their children. With the capacity to serve up to 320 individuals daily and a commitment to assisting up to 600 unique individuals annually, Saint John’s offers an extensive 18-month residential program that equips formerly homeless families with essential services and tools to achieve self-sustainability. This comprehensive program includes mental health therapy, alcohol and drug counseling, parenting education, high school diploma preparation, budgeting classes, healthy relationship training, and a proprietary Employment Training Program. Saint John’s Program for Real Change goes beyond the conventional concept of a shelter; it is a transformative program that empowers women and children to heal, thrive, and build brighter futures while breaking the generational cycle of trauma and homelessness.

The Kelly Foundation’s commitment extends to various causes, including health and human services, education, culture, environment, and civic improvement. In their 2022 fiscal year, the Foundation allocated approximately $850,000 in grants to organizations supporting the Sacramento region. Since merging with the RCB Foundation in 2009, the Kelly Foundation, with significant contributions from River City Bank, has continued to enrich the greater Sacramento region through charitable donations.

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About the Kelly Foundation

The Kelly Broadcasting Company’s KCRA-TV (Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA) began broadcasting on September 5, 1955. The Kelly family established the Kelly Foundation in December 1988 to formalize their charitable contributions. Although the family sold KCRA-TV in 1999, they have continued to support the Kelly Foundation. In 2009, the River City Bank Foundation merged with the Kelly Foundation, with some bank executives serving on the Foundation’s Board. River City Bank, founded by Jon S. Kelly in 1973, is now led by his daughter, Shawn Kelly Devlin. The Kelly Foundation reflects the family’s commitment to being responsible neighbors and citizens in the regions where they do business. For more information about the Kelly Foundation, please visit or call (916) 978-4892.

About Saint John’s Program for Real Change

Saint John’s Program for Real Change provides a safe space for women and children to heal and develop the skills necessary to transform their lives. The program offers a secure haven for survivors of domestic violence, providing gender-specific mental health services, community support, and legal resource referrals. Saint John’s prioritizes addressing addiction and behavioral health needs, offering up to 20 hours of substance use disorder treatment services weekly, along with comprehensive mental health and wellness programs. The non-profit organization tailors crisis services to each client’s unique needs and collaborate with government agencies to help them navigate various challenges. Saint John’s goal is to end the generational cycles of trauma and homelessness in the lives of the women and children the organization serves. Components of the program include housing, mental health and behavioral therapies, case management, life-improvement classes, substance use disorder treatment, employability training, childcare, and more.  Saint John’s also supports the social and emotional needs of children in its program, providing a safe and structured environment for families to build brighter futures. Saint John’s operates 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring unwavering support for women in our program. Saint John’s Program for Real Change is more than a shelter. It is a program that enables women and children to heal and thrive. 

About River City Bank

Recognized as one of Sacramento Business Journal’s “50 Fastest Growing Companies” for six consecutive years, River City Bank is the preeminent business bank in the Sacramento region, with assets exceeding $4.3 billion. Offering a comprehensive suite of banking services, including loans, deposits, and cash management tools for business, consumer, and commercial real estate sectors, River City Bank provides tailored, executive-level service and maintains a long-term investment-grade credit rating from Standard & Poor’s. As the largest independent, locally-owned, and managed bank in the Sacramento region, with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and a presence in Southern California, River City Bank redefines the banking experience and every associated touchpoint. For additional information, please visit or call (916) 567-2600. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.

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