Jamie’s Story

Photo courtesy of Brenda Bisharat.

Jamie was worried that her abusive roommate and want-to-be suitor would soon turn on her young daughter. She was repeatedly turned down at shelters because her abuser was not her partner, until she found Saint John’s.

“Saint John’s changed my life,” says Jamie. “When I walked in, I thought it was beautiful. I knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

While in the program, Jamie lost her daughter’s father in a horrible motorcycle accident. Had she not been at Saint John’s, where she received counseling and the tools necessary to deal with this tragedy, she’s not sure how she would’ve handled the situation.

Photo courtesy of Brenda Bisharat.

Since entering Saint John’s red door, Jamie has earned her high school diploma, she’s been baptized and has taken care of all of her legal troubles. Jamie is now working full time in the food service industry at the Franchise Tax Board Café with “the goal to soon be applying for State jobs that become available, because that means an even better future and benefits all around.” She and her daughter are living independently, loving life. Real Change really is possible.

Blog by Guest Writer Robin Epley, robinepley.strikingly.com
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