Lucy’s Story

Alumnae Lucy G. Photo courtesy of Brenda Bisharat photrography.

Suffering from depression and PTSD, Lucy was lost – to herself and to her children – and ended up self-medicating, and self-destructing, with drugs and alcohol. After finding the strength to enter rehab, and celebrating six-months sobriety, she knew she needed more. Finding Saint John’s was her salvation.

“Saint John’s changed everything for me,” observes Lucy. “Life is still scary at times, but now I can deal with it. Saint John’s gave me the tools I needed to be a better me.”

“I had to learn to forgive myself, and to love myself, in order to love my children.”

She credits Saint John’s “Power to Change” class for helping her to see the positivity in life. It made her realize that change will come if you allow yourself to be willing and open to it. Through added therapy and counseling, she was able to work through the steps to help her learn to cope with all that life has tossed her way.

“Today, I live as a happy person,” exclaims Lucy. “I am enjoying life more than I ever have. If you just spread your smile, it makes a big difference. Change does happen!”

Blog by Guest Writer Robin Epley
Saint John’s Program for Real Change Volunteer

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