Scott, Dyllon and Randy: Pillars of support, friends, & exemplary figures for young men to look up to

Saint John’s Program for Real Change CEO Julie Hirota shared Randy’s story yesterday. ICYMI, Randy, one of our dedicated employees, was immersed in a hands-on session with two young men from our program. With rapt attention, they intently followed Randy’s lead, absorbing every detail about the tools and the task at hand. Their faces lit up with curiosity, bombarding Randy with eager questions.

This heartwarming moment brought to the forefront the impact of positive male role models in our community. Take Chef Scott, for instance. His passion for culinary arts is contagious, and he’s passed on invaluable cooking skills to our young men, teaching them to whip up nutritious meals. Then there’s Dyllon, our SUD Counselor, who never hesitates to lend a patient ear, helping our boys navigate their personal challenges.

At Saint John’s, we recognize the transformative power of a strong, positive male figure in a boy’s life. Men like Randy, Chef Scott, and Dyllon aren’t just mentors; they become pillars of support, friends, and exemplary figures these boys look up to.

Their influence is palpable. Beyond just skills and knowledge, they imbue our boys with life values like resilience, integrity, and the importance of hard work. They shape their worldviews, foster ambition, and instill a sense of self-worth.

It’s often the subtle moments that leave a lasting impression — a shared break, camaraderie during tasks, or invaluable advice during trying times. In the nurturing environment of Saint John’s, learning transcends textbooks. Here, life lessons are imparted by everyday heroes who walk beside these young men, illuminating their paths.

Raising a toast to these stalwarts! Their unwavering commitment is healing past wounds and molding future leaders and role models. 🌟🤝

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