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Saint John’s – A Symphony of Moving Parts

When Catia Saraiva-Munoz discovered Saint John’s Program for Real Change in her quest to partner with a community-based non-profit, she was more than impressed by what she found.

“This is not a typical charity that provides food and shelter to the homeless,” explains Saraiva-Munoz. “This program delivers tangible results. It addresses all of the many facets that lead to homelessness including unemployment, mental health, parenting skills, addiction, domestic violence and education – it’s a symphony of moving parts.”


Now in its fourth year as part of Doing Well by Doing Good, the community service program administered by Catia and her colleagues at the law firm Dryer, Babich, Buccola, Wood, Campora. LLP, Saint John’s is the grateful beneficiary of the firm’s generous support of its fundraising efforts, and twice monthly, Saint John’s clients enjoy food prepared and served by employees of the firm.

“The women at Saint John’s are so impressive,” adds Saraiva-Munoz. “Their commitment to change their lives, and their hard work to accomplish that change, really puts one’s own accomplishments into perspective. As a community, we need to come together to help these women put together life’s puzzle pieces – so they’re put together, and they stay together!”


So impressed with what she’s seen, what began as an organized community service effort by the law firm has now turned into a personal mission for Catia, her husband Marcus, colleague Steven Campora and his wife Gayle. The two couples have committed to being the Diamond Presenting Sponsors for this year’s Polo for Change fundraiser, to be held June 2 at the beautiful Chamberlain Ranch in Wilton.

Blog by Amy McCuaig
Copy & Creative Services Manager
Saint John’s Program for Real Change

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