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A Sister’s Story

If you’ve ever been in a support-person role (and most of us have), you know how difficult it is to navigate the obstacles, emotions, logistics and, in most cases, unfavorable circumstances associated with the person you are trying to help. Add to that the frustration and heartbreak of doing everything you know to be physically, financially and emotionally possible, and still your loved one flounders. The family and friends of our clients have suffered mightily through our clients’ journeys, and in turn, experience immense relief when Real Change occurs. Here are a few reflections from a client’s sister:

April&Jenifer“When my sister Jenifer was 12 and I was 30, our father passed away suddenly. While I lived in California, Jenifer was with our dad in Florida as he took his last breath. Fast forward 20 years, and Jenifer has been through all manners of challenges. From having money, to being broke and homeless. From building a promising career to a mother of three dealing with substance abuse. And rock bottom; her precious children in and out of foster care. One of the biggest changes that I have seen in my sister is that she no longer blames others for her challenges. It’s only when we stop blaming others for the obstacles that we face, can we begin to take the positive steps towards change and personal growth. As long as we place blame on others for our circumstances we cannot take personal responsibility for our decisions and make a commitment to changing our future outcomes.
Becoming a functioning, successful member of society requires more than giving a homeless mom and her children food and a place to sleep. Saint John’s has given Jenifer peer support, friendship of other women facing the same challenges, help with getting her children back, job training, and the opportunity to work and feel productive in society. My sister has benefitted greatly from the therapy she receives as well as the accountability related to staying drug free through the entire process. Yes, there are challenges. However, my sister has gone from feeling abandoned and unloved by her family members to experiencing faith and gratitude for every part of her healing process.”
By April Underwood
Sister of Saint John’s client Jenifer

Reverse GCD 2018_3

Turning the Tables

Ten times per year, we hold our popular Guest Chef Dinners at Plates Café, where 200-250 members of our community gather in support of our program to enjoy a delicious meal-with-a-meaning, prepared and presented by a local “guest chef” with the help of our Employment Training Program participants. Each fall for the past three years, we’ve turned the tables with a “Reverse Guest Chef Dinner,” where together with the support…

Councilwoman Ashby


It is our great pleasure to announce the recipients of our 2018 Champions of Change awards, Sacramento City Councilwoman Angelique Ashby and Sierra Health Foundation President and CEO Chet Hewitt! The award, now in its second year, recognizes those who exemplify Saint John’s core values: Love, Courage, Effort, Gratitude, Respect, Community and Growth. Please consider joining us, if you haven’t already reserved your ticket, at our November 3 Party for…


A Giant Hip Hip Hooray for Allstate Agent and Saint John’s Volunteer Zachary Wandell

Recipient of the 2018 Ray Lynch Community Service Award! Sacramento Allstate agency owner and community volunteer extraordinaire Zachary Wandell has been awarded the prestigious 2018 Ray Lynch Community Service Award, and we couldn’t be prouder! The award is Allstate’s top national honor commending an agency owner or financial specialist for giving back and supporting people and organizations in their local communities. The award, established in 2000 in memory of Allstate…


From the Mouths, and Eyes, and Ears, of Babes

More than three million children witness domestic violence in their families each year. Three million. Think about that for just a moment, and your heart hurts. The things they’ve seen, the things they’ve heard, the travesties they’ve endured, for most of us this is simply unimaginable. 47 percent of the children that arrive at Saint John’s suffer from anxiety or depression as a result of their homelessness, and more than…

Dr. Olliver Jean Rogers

Real Change Becomes a Reality

We are so very proud to announce that one of our favorite supporters, volunteers, and yes, a former Saint John’s client, Pastor Olliver Jean Rogers, earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling from the Pacific Northwest Seminary on September 20th! Way to go Dr. Rogers! Olliver earned her pastoral ministry from the Church of Transformation in Leesville, Louisiana in 2008 after 11 years of sobriety from a debilitating cocaine…


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